This course has both a classroom session as well as a two hour live fire range session. We take students who may not be familiar with firearms through the various types of pistol available, covering all aspects of both revolvers and semi-automatics.

We work on how to choose the right firearm for your needs taking into consideration, use, body type, carry methods and your comfort level.

The end result is to get you competent and comfortable around the use of firearms and to help you with understanding the mindset and awareness that comes with the responsibility of ownership.

Also current concealed carry and general firearm laws for Colorado will be covered.

The certification from this class meets and exceeds the training requirement to obtain a Colorado Concealed Weapons Permit.

75 rounds of factory ammunition are required for this class.


This intense level class is for those students that have either attended our Basic class, or can demonstrate through other training taken a solid level of proficiency in firearms handling.

For this course you will need the firearm you will be carrying, strong side belt holster, mag carriers, gun belt able to support the firearm, at least three magazines and 400 rounds of factory ammunition.

(If you don't have the above items we can supply them for a rental charge)

You should also bring items of clothing that you would typically wear when going about your day to day activities.

We will take you through a number of scenarios that will begin to get you comfortable with presenting and firing from concealment, engaging multiple targets, engaging targets at varying distances, shoot/no shoot decisions, shot placement, shooting on the move, tactical and speed reloads, strong hand and weak hand.

The classroom portion of this course will focus heavily on Mindset, Awareness, Firearm Laws and Tactics of concealed carry, as well as a run through of the drills planned for the Range session.


Building on skills learned in Advance Pistol/CCW, the Advanced Tactical course is 100% range work, and takes it to another level. Here we will include firing from barricades, a seated position, from laying on your back, engagement of targets from a 90 degree to 180 degree position. Shooting will take place from 1 yard out to 10 yards.

Tactical and speed reloads on the move, low light/no light shooting, again shoot/no shoot will feature heavily within all drills.

For this class 400-500 rounds of factory ammunition will be required along with knee and elbow pads.


 If you would like a private class for your family, friends, business colleagues, church or organization, we can work with you to schedule dates/times outside of the current class schedule. (Minimum of 4 students)